4 Most Important Aspects Of Your Branding

When it comes to your company, image and branding can make up a huge part of your success. A recognisable and unique brand can help you to stand out from the crowd and give you the best chance of sticking in a consumer’s mind. But what are the most important aspects of your branding to support your success? We’ll be looking at four vital considerations.

The Logo

Think about some of the most iconic brands you know. Before anything else springs to mind, you will most likely see an image in your mind, like golden arches or an inspiring tick on a pair of running shoes, for example. Every brand, big or small, needs a logo that will make you instantly identifiable. Everything you do will bear your brand, so you want to ensure that any logo you create should show off your personality, mission and message, so brand logo development is a cornerstone of your company journey.


Another vital element of branding is the colours you choose. Again, your colours will come to be intrinsically associated with your company and your products or services. Colours are also a way to evoke emotion from your customer through a deeper psychological meaning that shapes their overall behaviour, and it’s worth knowing that they’ll have varying effects on anyone that sees your brand.

For example, red symbolises power, passion and strength, green signifies nature and growth while white displays sophistication and simplicity. Your colours should be reflective of your values but also used to help your brand stand out and form a positive connection with your target customer - so think carefully about the palettes you choose.


A tagline is a quick and simple slogan which gives the world an idea of what you can offer. If you take a moment, you will be able to think up taglines which are impossible to separate from their company - “The happiest place on earth”, “Just do it” or “Because you’re worth it” aren’t complicated, but they are tied up in the ideals they promote and embody. A few little words can take a consumer on a journey!


Slogans are vital, but everything that consumers and stakeholders see matters. Anything you use for your branding or promotional materials, such as photographs, should be high quality and professional. Graphics should always be clean and not too fussy, with colours that complement your overall style - consider who you hope to attract, and tailor your brand assets to this demographic. It can be easy to over-complicate designs, but by ensuring that every element is cohesive and simple, your branding will appear trustworthy. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from thoughtful design choices, whoever your intended audience is.

With these four key aspects of branding in mind, how will you go about ensuring that every element is accounted for? It helps to work with a professional and experienced design and branding studio. Think Plus Ink is here to guide you through your brand identity design, ensuring that you have a strong public image and consistent branding. Get in touch to find out more about how we can support you in bringing your brand to life.