What Makes Product Packaging So Important?

We all understand the importance of a high quality product. Your business is much more likely to succeed if you are offering a product that has clear value - but did you know that your product packaging can matter, too? We take a closer look at the importance of product packaging, and how this can tie in with a strong brand presence.

Jump Off The Shelf

While you might imagine that packaging isn’t hugely important in how customers perceive your brand, that certainly isn’t the case! Your packaging is a wonderful way to display your brand, and create a positive first impression for the customer. High quality, recognisable packaging attracts the eye and helps customers to establish an image of your brand in their mind. This ensures that your packaging will jump off the shelf at consumers - which can be difficult in a sea of competitors, both online and in physical stores.

Create A Story Around Your Product

Some of the best packaging is part of the experience of purchasing a product. While no one enjoys excessive or unnecessary packaging, some products are only elevated by the way they are presented. For example, Apple’s packaging is clean and simple, and elevates the attractiveness and appeal of the product within. What might feel like a functional process (purchasing a new phone or laptop) is steeped in theatre through creating a journey for consumers - opening a box and peeling off the protective packaging can feel almost ceremonial. You are taking your customer on a journey and connecting with them through a build-up and fulfilment of anticipation.

Contributing To Sustainability

Brand ethics can be as vital to attracting core demographics as the packaging graphic design. Sustainable packaging is a positive choice both for reducing your carbon footprint and appealing to consumers who want to give their custom to companies that share their values. Recyclable or biodegradable packaging can attract brand new consumers, and sustainable packaging design can be as stunning and eye-catching as non-sustainable options.

Product packaging doesn’t have to only tick practical boxes - the look and feel are vital. You want to make sure that your brand image and mission is clear in every element of your products and that’s where Think Plus Ink can help.

We are experts in creating the right brand story for your company, and can support you with your packaging options, whatever your product may be. We can advise on the best options for you and design custom packaging to match your look. Get in touch to find out more.