Unlocking Shopper Behaviour Through Packaging Design

At Think Plus Ink, we know the secret to influencing consumer choices in the bustling world of retail – it's all about packaging. Packaging isn't just a container; it's a powerful tool that guides shoppers through their journey.

The Three A's of Pack Design: Attract, Assist, and AssureRequest-a-quote-think-plus-ink

1. ATTRACT – from 6 feet away
In the first phase, shoppers are on the hunt for what they need. Packaging must captivate them from a distance, using colour, logos, and brand icons. Think of Coca Cola's iconic red can or Pringles' moustached mascot – instantly recognisable.

2. ASSIST – from 3 feet away
In the second phase, customers are navigating the options. Packaging assists by providing product-specific info, key benefits, and secondary colour coding. It's the moment of decision – are they a Pepsi or a Coke person?

3. ASSURE – from 1 foot away
The third phase is all about selection and confirmation. Packaging reassures shoppers that they've made the right choice, either in-store or at home. It communicates reasons to believe and additional attributes up close.

Follow the Framework
Creating standout packaging doesn't have to be rocket science. It's about using the right language for the right job. Shouting detailed information on the pack won't help. Ask yourself: What does the customer need to see first?

Need Help With Your Packaging Design?

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